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Elevate performance and ensure accuracy with our cutting-edge categories of testing machines, designed to meet the diverse
needs of industry standards and innovation.
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Celebrating 35 years of Excellence
We enhance QA capabilities through precision instrumentation, aligning with top testing standards (ASTM, IP, IS). Specializing in PC-based instrumentation, we address testing requirements for diverse industries like Plastic, Rubber, Wire, and conduct Tensile testing (UTM) for Petroleum. Our instruments, designed to meet QA standards, include UTM machines with SD coverage and reporting features, calculating results for multiple samples in a single set (Avg, Highest, Lowest, SD, etc.).
ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified
We proudly hold ISO 9001:2015 certification, ensuring the highest standards in quality management
Proudly Made In India
Our testing machines are proudly crafted in India, reflecting our commitment to quality and innovation.
Tried and Tested Softwared
Our software has undergone rigorous testing, ensuring reliability and performance.
24x7 Friendly Support
Our knowledgeable sales team and technical engineers are available for guidance and advice 24x7.
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