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We are a business organization, which amplifies the capabilities of QA by providing instrumentation. These instruments are in compliance with testing standards of the highest order (ASTM, IP and IS) for the products. Introducing the art of PC based instrumentation so we cater to the testing needs for Plastic, Rubber, Wire, etc. We are also involved in Tensile testing (UTM) of Petroleum industries. Our instruments are manufactured in accordance with all QA needs. The UTM machines come with covering SD and posses reporting capability, CV%, Break Point etc. The testers are capable of computing results across multiple samples in a single set. (Avg, Highest, lowest, SD etc.)

Product Range

Believing that differentiation breeds perfection, we provide a quality-oriented Product Range.

These Tensile and Compressive Testers range of products we offer to the customers, cater to various needs of the industry, right from Rubber industry to Steel Wires. In short they are computer controlled instruments, which are able to measure the breaking point of samples combined with a real time display. They have stress strain curves and accurate read outs for prolongation. We also provide strength testing instruments to fulfill the specific requirements.

These equipments are integrated with imported sensors which ensure the repeatable and reliable reading across samples. The dedicated software provides an easiness to the operation of the machines and give them facility to store the test results for longer period.

Product Range

  • Tensile Strength Testers (UTM Universal Testing Machines)

Our Tensile and Compressive Testers range of products cater to various industries right from Rubber to Steel Wire. These are in a nut shell computer controlled instruments capable of measuring the breaking point of samples combined with a real time display of stress strain curve and accurate read outs of elongation. We also under take development of strength testing instruments specific to your requirement.

The report usually includes the following

  • Stress Strain Curve.
  • Min, Max and Avg of Force and % Elongation (during Initial, Elastic Limit and Break) in case of a set of sample being tested.
  • Force and %Elongation at the following point
    • Initial Tensile Strength (@5%)
    • Max Load
    • Break Point.

These equipments are fitted with imported sensors, ensuring a repeatable and reliable reading across samples. Dedicated software makes it really easy to operate and provides facility to store the test results for longer duration of time.

Jute Testers

We are the forerunners in the specific zone of PC based Tensile Testers, applicable for Jute Industries. Our Flag ship model TENSOJUTE exists in all major Jute Factories of Kolkata and marks a remarkable presence also in the Jute manufacturing of Bangladesh. It is a PC based tensile tester which is used for the tensile testing. The operation of these machines is completely automatic, hence they avoid common human errors. The system is also capable of producing Real Time graph of Force v/s elongation of the sample during the test. Once the test is conducted,  it can fetch results in desired format. These test results have all essential facts and figures e.g. Elongation at Break, Force at Break, SD, CV % etc.

Petroleum Testing

Petroleum Testing Instruments are capable of examine the quality of Petroleum Products, adhering to the corresponding ASTM. These are PC controlled instruments, based on microprocessor. Hence they are capable of providing exact and repeatable readings of tests across samples. These PC controlled instruments have pre loaded and dedicated software which controls the data and store them across test samples.  Being an initiator in this domain, we provide customization of these software so as to produce reports in the desired configuration


We use imported sensors and strain gauges in all our tensile testers and we use state of the art Microprocessors and Digital ICs on our products. Being committed in creating QA instruments for our customers, we ensure that all our equipments are passed through stringent testing processes before shipping. We also provide services to set up the equipments in your premises.

Specialized Development Services

In this competitive world, quality is key to success and quality needs to be measured based on predefined standards (ASTM, ISO etc). To maintain quality in your production unit you need effective, accurate, reliable quality control measuring equipments providing accurate and repeatable information over and over again to do monitoring. Also without QA reports exports are hit.

This is where we want to help you and customize / tailor make our existing product lines or create new instruments to suit your testing needs. We currently are renowned for our testing machines catering to manufacturing firms in Petroleum, Steel, Wire, etc.

In short we do DDD i.e. Design, Develop and Deliver instruments tenable you to test your products as per ASTM / ISO etc.


  • Tensile Tester (Table Top)
  • 4 ball Tester
  • Quenchometer (Cooling Curve method)
  • Table Top UTM
  • Flash Point Apparatus
  • PC Based Table Top UTMS
  • PC based Petroleum testing equipments
  • Flash Point Apparatus
  • PC Based UTMS
  • Jute Testing Machines
  • PC based testing apparatus for Jute Industry.
  • Tensile Testers for Jute
  • TPI Counter
  • Micro Film Digitizer
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